Fish Sniffer Magazine Volume 41 Issue 15 | Page 7

VOL . 41 • ISS . 15 September 16 , 2022

Collins Lake is Gearing up for Fall Trout Plants and Introduction of Lightning Trout

Collins Lake is planning for another extended planting season , conditions permitting starting the week of October 24th . Even during last


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year ’ s historic drought , we reached the target surface temperature of 68 ° F by second week of October so we are optimistic that this year we will
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11954 Masters Court , Auburn CA Willfishtackle . com be able to get a few trout plants in during October . Aside from starting earlier we really didn ’ t see a reason to stop planting through the winter . Even if we don ’ t get the same crowds on the shoreline that we do during Spring plants it will help with the distribution of fish throughout the rest of the lake . At the end of the day any trout that winters over will be bigger and better acclimated by spring - and weather notwithstanding , there are plenty of great fishing days in a typical November or December . We are also excited to introduce , for the first time at Collins Lake , Golden Rainbow Trout AKA “ Lightning Trout ”. We have had requests from anglers for several years to stock Mt . Lassen Trout Farm ’ s Lightnings , and folks , the time is now . Immediately identifiable by their golden coloring and distinctive red stripe , Lightning Trout are a beautiful fish with a good fight and excellent flavor with meat similar to salmon . They flash when you fight . Not to be mistaken with Golden Trout , the first “ Golden Rainbow Trout ”, a female , was discovered in
1955 in West Virginia . The result of an apparent genetic mutation , her eggs were carefully harvested and bred , eventually reproducing her signature coloring and subsequently released to the public in 1963 . There are a couple other stories of trout with similar coloring but found , named , and selectively bred in other locations . Since then , decades of careful nurture and selective breeding have produced Mt . Lassen ’ s


Host of the NorCal Trout Anglers Challenge Tournament of Champions on November 5-6th

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Trophy Rainbow Trout Planted October - May Fall plants will include 1,000 pounds of Trophy Lightning Trout !