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10 September 30 , 2022 VOL . 41 • ISS . 16
behind flashers or spoons at Englebright are landing holdover rainbow trout in the 14 to 18 inch range ,” said Justin Leonard of Outcast Guide Service . “ The top areas to fish are towards the dam in the no-ski zone .” Englebright is holding 66,092 acre feet of water , 98 percent of capacity and 104 percent of average . The kokanee fishing season at Bullards Bar is over also as the adult salmon , now arrayed in their spawning colors , are headed up the Yuba river . to spawn . The smaller “ next year ’ s fish ” are showing in the main body near the dam and across from Dark Day , but hardly anybody is fishing for them . These fish average only 7 to 9 inches long now , according to Leonard . Bullards Bar Reservoir is holding 646,391 acre feet of water , 67 percent of capacity and 103 percent of average .
- Dan Bacher
Fall & Winter Plants Will Feature Lightning Trout !
OREGON HOUSE - Collins Lake is planning for another extended planting season , conditions permitting starting the week of October 24th . Even during last year ’ s historic drought we reached the target surface temperature of 68 ° F by second week of October so we are optimistic that this year we will be able to get a few trout plants in during October . Aside from starting earlier we really didn ’ t see a reason to stop planting through the winter . Even if we don ’ t get the same crowds on the shoreline that we do during Spring plants it will help with the distribution of fish throughout the rest of the lake . At the end of the day any trout that winters over will be bigger and better acclimated by spring- and weather notwithstanding , there are plenty of great fishing days in a typical November or December . We are also excited to introduce , for the first time at Collins Lake , Golden Rainbow Trout AKA “ Lightning Trout ”. We have had requests from anglers for several years to stock Mt . Lassen Trout Farm ’ s Lightnings , and folks , the time is now . Immediately identifiable by their golden coloring and distinctive red stripe , Lightning Trout are a beautiful fish with a good fight and excellent flavor with meat

COLUMBIA RIVER SALMON ! We are expecting a tremendous run of Kings and Silvers at Buoy Ten this year !

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James Matsuoka has been having success on the delta while fishing shallow and casting a combination of River2Sea Tactical Wake 210 ’ s and S-Wavers .
Photo Courtesy of James Matsuoka
4014 similar to salmon . They flash when you fight . Not to be mistaken with Golden Trout , the first “ Golden Rainbow Trout ”, a female , was discovered in 1955 in West Virginia . The result of an apparent genetic mutation , her eggs were carefully harvested and bred , eventually reproducing her signature coloring and subsequently released to the public in 1963 . There are a couple other stories of trout with similar coloring but found , named , and selectively bred in other locations . Since then , decades of careful nurture and selective breeding have produced Mt . Lassen ’ s Lightning Trout . While they don ’ t produce a literal electric charge I have been told by more than a couple anglers that Lightning Trout fight harder than the average rainbow- and while I have yet to put it to the test myself , it has been suggested that the selective breeding of Golden Rainbows for recreational sport fishing and / or simply genetic hybrid vigor could explain their strength and behavior . At least I can say I am excited to go find out . What do you think ? Our tentative planting schedule starts in the second half of October and is currently scheduled through
January : 2,000 pounds during the week of 10 / 24 – 10 / 28 1,000 pounds during the week of 10 / 31 – 11 / 4 1,000 pounds during the week of 11 / 7 – 11 / 11 2,000 pounds during the week of 11 / 14 – 11 / 18 1,000 pounds during the week of 11 / 21 – 11 / 25 1,000 pounds during the week of 12 / 5 – 12 / 9 1,000 pounds during the week of 12 / 19 – 12 / 23 1,000 pounds during the week of 1 / 9 – 1 / 13 ( Tentative , Subject to change ) In January we hope to continue weekly plants right through Spring , as long as temperatures allow , usually into the beginning of May . We ’ ll post updates as we get closer to 2023 . Each of the 2000 pound plants will include 500 pounds of Trophy Lightning Trout . Make sure to send your Collins Lake catch pictures in to fishing @ collinslake . com ( full size if you can !). We ’ d love to include your story in our fishing report and share it with NorCal fishing publications . Can ’ t wait to see those Lightning Trout !
- Ed Palma
Bass Bite Should Improve With Cooler Water Temperatures
ANGELS CAMP – Fishing pressure at New Melones Reservoir is very light as the lake level continues to drop . The good news is bass fishing success is expected to rise in the coming weeks . “ The bass bite will improve with the dropping water temperatures , and we are seeing more shad schooling in the creeks ,” said John Liechty of Xperience Bass Fishing Guide Service . “ It isn ’ t a fall pattern yet , but it is moving in that direction .” “ The swimbait and spoon bite around the shad schools will pick up soon . The bait schools have been very interesting because some days , there is shad all over the lake and the bass are boiling on the surface , but on the following day , you can ’ t find the shad . We aren ’ t seeing the grebes show up on the lake as of yet , and the best sign that the shad are thick is when you see the birds working the surface . Then you know it ’ s time ,” he stated . On Lake Don Pedro , the trout fishing has slowed down . On September 21 , the husband and wife team of Grey and Angela Applegate of Modesto caught five rainbows and one 3 lb . smallmouth bass while trolling with Monte Smith of Gold Country sportfishing . “ The water temperature dropped 10 degrees , from 83 degrees to 73 degrees , from our previous trip 11 days before ,” said Smith . “ The rainbows were nice holdovers ranging from 15 to 16 inches long .