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14 September 30 , 2022 VOL . 41 • ISS . 16

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few hundred yards back and forth several times because I marked 5 salmon in that area .” “ On my next pass my anchovy rod went off , with it pumping and the drag screaming . Once again I left my other downrigger and gear down in the water and while still fishing , put my boat in a right turn and grabbed my rod again and started the fight ,” said Vogel . “ There was a big silver and black North River boat headed right at me . They saw what was going on and slowed down and turned away , I continued to battle this king . As I brought this big buck towards the net , he didn ’ t like seeing my boat and took off . I reeled it back to the boat and got the net ready , and pulled him towards the met ,” he observed . “ The big king didn ’ t want any part of that and started jumping and thrashing around on the surface . I got ready for another net try ,, and I just couldn ’ t get him there – he was too big and heavy . I reeled down on him one more time and tried to get the net to him again and he jumped and threw the hooks .” “ What a heart break ! It was over 30 inches ! and from 15 to 17 pounds . That ’ s my guess . I want to give a shout out to the guys in the boats who gave me room to fight that fish and got to watch the whole show ,” Vogel concluded . For black bass , Don Paganelli of Paganelli ’ s Bass Fishing Experience recommended fishing drop shot rigs and small swimbaits like Keitechs “ really slow ” around submerged rockpiles and oter offshore structure . Anglers are catching and releasing mostly spotted and largemouth bass at 20 to 25 feet deep . Folsom Lake has dropped below elevation 400 ’ and the entire lake has a 5 mile per hour speed limit . The Hobie Cove ramp located in Brown ’ s Ravine is still in operation and the low water ramp at Granite Bay will be in service at elevation 396 ’. Folsom Lake is holding 371,959 acre feet of water , 38 percent of capacity and 73 percent of average . The lake level is 398 feet in elevation , 68 feet from full .
- Dan Bacher
Salmon Fishing Is Still Very Tough
SACRAMENTO – Salmon fishing on the Feather River is still “ pretty poor ” for boaters and bank anglers , said Justin Leonard of Outcast Guide Service . “ There are new fish coming into the system and the rainfall should help the fishing ,” said Leonard . “ The water temperature was 62
Ernie Marlan loves fishing for stripers at this time of year . Swimbaits , glide baits , lipless crankbaits , topwater , and spoons are all very productive during the fall .
Photo courtesy of Andrew Marlan
most days they like it at a variety of speeds . Troll fast , slow down for a split second , go fast again . Other times , hold your rod , move it up and down , this creates a different action on the lure and often triggers a strike . The message here is to change it up . In my opinion , traveling the same speed allows your lure to look like a lure . Changes in your speed makes a lure look like a bait fish and creates a reaction from stripers . I believe when there is bait in the area trolling faster is more effective because the stripers are actively feeding . Here is why . When bait fish are being attacked by a school of stripers they are not taking their time trying to get away . They are moving fast and erratic trying to stay alive . If your bait is moving slowly it stands out and looks like a lure . If your bait is moving fast and erratic it is more



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Andrew Marlan loves to throw topwater baits in the fall . The topwater bite is amazing and addictive . Overcast skies and cooler temperatures is ideal conditions to throw a topwater bait .
Photo courtesy of Ernie Marlan than likely going to fit in with the bait and probably get hammered . There will be times during the fall that you will mark a huge school of fish on your electronics . If you enjoy jigging and using a spoon this would be the perfect time to drop down a BladeRunner Spoon . Stripers cannot handle a dying bait fish falling right in front of their face and that is exactly what the spoon looks like . Think like a striper . They are predators ! They like to ambush bait . You will become a better fisherman if you take the time and educate yourself about their habits . There is so much more to write but I hope this gives you something to think about . Stripers are moving into the system daily . Get out there and enjoy catching these amazing fish . Don ’ t forget to release the larger ones and let them spawn . Keep the smaller ones and enjoy fish tacos !
Scotts Flat Lake Recreation Area is the gateway to the Tahoe National Forest . At an elevation of 3,000 feet , the lake is an ideal headquarters for a complete vacation and family fun !
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When your electronics look like it is on simulator mode and the fish are stacked underneath your boat be sure to drop a BladeRunner Spoon . Stripers love them as you can see .
Photo courtesy of Ernie Marlan

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