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18 September 30 , 2022 VOL . 41 • ISS . 16

GONE FISHING continued from page 2

A brightly colored 15 inch rainbow trout being released .
Photo by Paul Kneeland , Fish Sniffer staff
A different kind of rainbow spanning the Sacramento River arm of Lake Shasta .
Photo by Paul Kneeland , Fish Sniffer staff out of Bridge Bay and headed toward Waters Gulch . A pretty good storm with strong south winds was forecast for later in the weekend , and I wanted a secluded spot to get out of the weather . Unfortunately , Waters Gulch was occupied , so we head back and beached the big boat deep in the back of Bass Cove . Friday was nice and warm and we spent the afternoon swimming and playing with floats and paddleboards in the calm waters . The water temperature was 76 degrees , perfect for swimming and having fun . Saturday morning , we got serious about fishing , and took the Rogue Jet Coastal 21 over to Waters Gulch and started trolling . It was overcast and calm – perfect fishing weather ! The water was clear and the trout and bass were willing . We caught several bass and a handful of trout to 17 inches trolling from 50 to 65 feet deep . The best lures were red / white Tasmanian Devils , Excel spoons , and Speedy shiners . Later we moved towards the dam and fished the Dry Fork area . We didn ’ t have a bite in the back of the cove , but started to catch some nice trout out near the mouth and the main body of the lake . We trolled back and forth in the mouth and landed several nice trout , including a couple of German browns . Mark caught the largest , a beautiful rainbow of 21 ½ inches and 3 ½ pounds that came on a white Tasmanian Devil at 65 feet deep . Saturday afternoon it had clouded completely over , and we put up the side curtains in the Coastal . A light rain started to fall about 5 pm . The kids tied up the floats and the paddleboards in case the south wind really started to blow . And about 7 pm it started ! We had big gusts of wind , flashing lightning to the north , and tremendous blasts of thunder for about an hour and a half . It was wonderful !!! Great to see the rain finally after a very long , hot summer . And we were all cozy as a bug in a rug in the protected cove and the houseboat . Sunday morning it was still raining , with a gentle breeze perfect for trolling . We headed to Digger Point and trolled south into the breeze toward the dam . Again , the trout were on the bite , in spite of the falling barometer , and we landed about 15 from 14 to 19 inches in a couple of hours . The best lures were the same Tasmanian Devils in white and red & white , plus a couple of different Speedy Shiners in watermelon and rainbow trout colors at 2.3 mph . We caught a few of the trout up at 50 feet , but most were still down around 65 feet deep . The sun came out later in the morning and we were blessed to see the full curve of a beautiful rainbow over the lake !
Mark Looney with a 21 ½ inch rainbow take on a white Tasmanian Devil at 65 feet deep .
Photo by Paul Kneeland , Fish Sniffer staff
Lake Shasta is low , but still has a ton of water and is full of fish ! It is a great place to take the family and enjoy the outdoors . A house boat adds a whole new dimension , and is a ton of fun !
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