Fish Sniffer Magazine Volume 41 Issue 19 | Page 15

VOL . 41 • ISS . 19


December 9 , 2022
have produced fish in the last week and will target roughly the same areas . When stripping flies on a sinking line , flies such as the Pyramid Lake Bugger in a variety of colors will be a good choice . Additionally , many of the stripping flies with foam incorporated into the tie will help add additional movement to the presentation . A staff favorite last season was the Mopcorn Beetle . This fly is a spin off the standard Pyramid Lake Beetle , but utilizes a Mop Body tail on the end for added movement . This fly has an almost unfair amount of movement and is sure to be a favorite for seasons to come . Indicator fishing has also been effective as of late . With cutthroat cruising in 8-12 ’ of water , indicator fishing is a good choice . This setup allows you to suspend flies at a certain depth throughout the drift . Additionally , it allows you to keep the fly in an effective zone for a longer period of time compared to the sinking line setup . Balanced leeches and Mini Jig Leeches are great choices this time of year . When fishing two of these flies , it is best to rig the top fly on a tag to allow it to balance properly . On dark and stormy days , darker colors tend to work best . The Sizzurp Balanced Leech is a new addition and available exclusively at the Reno Fly Shop . Other colors such as Peacock and Midnight Cowboy have been top producers as well . Midges and chironomids on the other hand are not fishing well which is typical of this time of year . As the season progresses , these flies will become more effective . Flies we Suggest : Mopcorn Beetle , Pyramid Lake Beetle , Pyramid Lake Bugger , Booby , Balanced Leech , Mini Jig Leech .
- Reno Fly Shop swimbaits in Sherman Lake ,” said Paganelli . “ Most of the fish were undersized and released , but they ended up catching limits of stripers up to 25 inches long .” “ We ’ re catching and releasing an average of 2 to 3 sturgeon per day , a mixture of oversize , slot size and oversized fish , while fishing roe and lamprey eel from Chain Island to Port Chicago ,” reported Zach Medinas at Gatecrasher Fishing Adventures . On his latest fishing adventure , Medinas reported catching and releasing an oversize sturgeon and two fish measuring 38-1 / 2 and 28 inches , along with one 30 inch striped bass . “ Captain Virginia and I are tagging the sturgeon , in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife , to monitor the sturgeon population . Information : ( 925 ) 497-7171 .
Paul Kneeland with a fat 4.14 pound rainbow from Eagle Lake caught trolling with a gold / orange Yakima Bait Mag Lip .
Photo by Bridget Looney of Colfax
Live Bait Drifters , Lure Tossers Battle Stripers
RIO VISTA – Sturgeon fishing has slowed down on the West Delta and Suisun Bay , but anglers are hooking lots of stripers while drifting live bait below Rio Vista . “ Jerry and his sons were treated to some amazing fishing this morning ,” reported Jeff Soo Hoo of Soo Hoo Sportfishing after his most recent fishing adventure . “ We caught and released too many to count before the bite died . My thumb is raw from unhooking so many fish the last 2 days .” Soo Hoo was drifting live minnows and mudsuckers around the Antioch Bridge on the San Joaquin River . Information : ( 925 ) 899-4045 . Don Paganelli of Paganelli ’ s Bass Fishing Experience also reported striped bass fishing success during his latest venture on the Delta . ““ The five anglers in two boats caught around 30 to 40 fish while throwing Rat-L-Traps and small