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VOL . 41 • ISS . 19


December 9 , 2022
California State Parks has fully reopened the Brannan Island State Recreation Area . All areas of the park opened on Thursday , December 1 . The public can begin booking camping reservations starting Jan . 1 , 2023 . Park Delta Bay will operate the state recreation area , which includes day-use areas , a boat launch ramp , and campground sites . Brannan Island is a maze of waterways through the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta . [ For detailed information on Brannan Island State Recreation Area , please visit parks . ca . gov / BrannanIslandSRA .] On November 19 , by the California Striped Bass Association Isleton Chapter held their annual sturgeon derby out of the Pittsburg Marina “ The targeted length was 51.25 inches and there was a 90 % payout for the top 5 fish turned in ,” reported Ken Bacettii , chapter president . Johnny Aviles won first place with a fish measuring 47.2 inches long . The second through fifth place winners were ( 2 ) Anthony Cianchetta , 46.75 inches ; ( 3 ) Joshua Badger , 45.84 inches ; ( 4 ) Loren Dennis , 41.81 inches ; and ( 5 ) Tim Peterson , 40.95 inches .
- Dan Bacher
Rainbows And Browns Key In On Egg Patterns
RENO - The Truckee River has also fished well in the past week and has seen a reduction of flows . As flows have dropped , water has become increasingly clear and Brown Trout have begun to spawn . With the addition of eggs in the river , both rainbow trout and brown trout have been keyed in on egg patterns . Bead fishing is an increasingly popular technique and is an effective way of fishing an egg pattern on a fly rod . While the egg bite has been good this fall , smaller mayfly nymphs have also been effective in the clear and cold conditions . Mayfly nymphs in darker colors such as olive , brown , or black have been effective when fished in tandem with an attractor such as an egg or bright nymph . Flies such as the Psycho Mayfly or the Micro Mayfly are great choices . As the water temperature continues to decrease , trout are holding in slower and slower water . Try focusing on deeper buckets and slower water where fish don ’ t have to work too hard to hold their position . With trout in slower water , tippet diameter comes into play and can make or break a day on the water . Thinner tippet material will help fool a few more fish as we go into the end of the year . 4x , 5x , and even 6x fluorocarbon tippet are
needed when fish have more time to examine your presentation . Cortland Top Secret Tippet is a customer favorite throughout the year . While many associate fall and winter with slower fishing , this can often be a great time to target large fish with streamers or even a dry fly . Stormy weather provides favorable conditions for both of these techniques and can offer some variety to your fall and winter trout tactics . Successful streamer fishing takes place in slower water this time of year . Heavier streamers in slightly smaller sizes catch large trout on the Truckee River . Additionally , dry fly fishing can take place on days with the same weather conditions . Overcast
skies and precipitation create ideal conditions for Blue Winged Olive ( BWO ) mayflies to hatch . While dry fly fishing does not occur all the time on the Truckee , this is certainly one of the best times to do so . Pack your dry flies next time you hit the river . Flies we Suggest : Psycho Mayfly , Micro Mayfly , Jig TNT , Weiss UV Jig , Daniel ’ s UV Polar Jig , Thin Mint Bugger , Baetis Cripple , Parachute Adams , Pull Over BWO .
- Reno Fly Shop

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This group of anglers had an amazing day of sturgeon fishing with Delta Pro Fishing . They had tons of action that resulted in these nice keepers while releasing oversized and undersized fish as well .
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This angler was fishing with RH Guide Service when he landed this beautiful late season king salmon on the Feather River .
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