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6 February 3 , 2023 VOL . 42 • ISS . 2


Cold Windy Conditions Keep Boats Off Water While Bank Anglers Catch Fish
CHESTER - The weather spicket has turned off over the past four days leaving us with clear cool skies at lake level . Overnight lows in the low teens and daytime highs in the mid-thirties are keeping the ground frozen and preventing snow melt . Lake level has increased by another 6 / 10ths of a foot currently sitting at 4481.63 , water temperatures remain unchanged in the mid-thirties . While we are enjoying a break from the weather , more is needed to insure a full lake headed into Summer . The seven day forecast is calling for clear skies , the ten day shows chances of snow the first of February which could last multiple days . The Canyon Dam ramp was not cleared as of Thursday , I will be going to Canyon Dam on Monday and update this post as needed . There is ice forming in coves and most of the lake from Rec II to Prattville north is covered in ice . Bank fishermen are catching fish around the dam , Hamilton Branch is depositing large volumes of water into Almanor and is not seeing much pressure from anglers . Cold windy conditions are keeping boats off the water as well .
– Quail Lodge Lake Almanor Lodging & Guide Service
Rainbows , Blues and Golds Reward Trout Anglers
IONE – During the latest plant of 1,000 pounds of trout from the lake ’ s on site hatchery , the Lake Amador Resort released half the load at the mouth of the launch cove and half of the load out by the dam . “ There were rainbows , blues , and golds all mixed in this load , but the majority were rainbows .,” said Lee Lockhart at the Lake Amador
Resort . “ We plan to release another 300 pounds of all trophy gold and blues tomorrow as well . The water is still a bit dirty , but anglers are not having a problem catching fish using PowerBait or slow moving lures for the most part .” The lake is full and the surface water temperature is 54.5 degrees . “ We had debris the full length of the dam after the storms ,” said Lockhart . “ We have got about 95 percent of the debris off lake , but anglers should watch out for the occasional log .” During a previous plant on Jan . 19 , the resort stocked 800 pounds of trout , including cutbows and blue rainbows , most in the 3 to 5 pound range , and at least 300 pounds of Amador golds from 5 to 14 pounds . Information : ( 209 ) 274-4739 . Anthony Ochoa from Sacramento landed a big Amador blue and a cutbow while tossing out a gold Panther Martin on Jan . 21 . On Jan . 20 , Taylor and Enoch Underwood from Galt caught a couple of quality cutbows while using rainbow garlic PowerBait in the boat launch cove . Lee Labassierr and Joy Chun from San Andreas also used pink PowerBait in the boat launch cove to catch a couple of nice Cutbows !
- Dan Bacher
Bassers Toss Ripbaits in the Narrows
WINTERS – Lake Berryessa , like other Central Valley foothill reservoirs , is rising with the influx of water from recent storms . The lake
Todd Harrington , of Fishing Living Waters Guide Service , holds up a nice bass that he caught while fishing Lake Picachos in Mexico . Photo Courtesy of Corey Rose


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