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VOL . 43 • ISS . 8 July 12 , 2024

New Flavors of Berkley Powerbait and Gulp Alive Now Available !

Berkley scented baits started in

1985 when they released their first scent known as “ Strike ”. It was a spray on product that you could apply to any lure or bait you liked . Then Power Bait was released in 1988 , which was a scent that was injected into normal soft plastic baits to make them more attractive to fish . Then , in 2003 Berkley introduced the new type of bait called “ Gulp ”. Gulp is totally different from most other soft baits . Most of them are made from Polyvinyl chloride or PVC , the same as the pipes in your house ! Gulp however , isn ’ t plastic at all , it is made from water based resins that makes it biodegradable . As soon as a Gulp bait hits the water it starts releasing it ’ s scent formula . Open a package of Gulp and you will notice how potent it smells ….
That is what attracts the fish to your bait . New Strawberry Limeade and Flamingo are now available at many local retailers . These new Powerbaits also feature built in Garlic flavor , as well as being enhanced with glitter to attract fish from afar ! Also now available , is Gulp Alive Flamingo Maggots with Garlic and Glitter . This new Gulp should be awesome for all kokanee fishing , as well as adding more attraction to your trout trolling spoons and lures . These new Colors and Flavors are available at Exclusive retailers in the Eastern and Western Sierra Nevada areas . Ask for them at your local dealer . For more information , and for information on how to be a dealer for these new baits , contact Hendrix Outdoors at 775-423-4254 or email at order @ hendrixnv . com .

Exclusive New Colors and Flavors of Berkley Powerbait and Gulp Alive

Sheldon Bright hosted a fishing trip for Fish Sniffer subscribers aboard the Golden Eye 2000 . They had an amazing day on the San Francisco Bay getting quick limits of striped bass and ended up with a solid number of halibut . The action was fast and furious first thing in the morning while fishing near Angel Island . Capt Quang found of a school of stripers feeding on anchoviesand the boat limited out with stripers up to 14-15lbs . Live anchovies was the bait of choice but some were landed with swimbaits and Hook Up Baits .
Photo Courtesy of Ernie Marlan

Powerbait – New Flavors of Strawberry Limeade and Flamingo — both with Garlic and Glitter !

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Gulp Alive – New Flamingo Maggots with Garlic and Glitter ! Great for Kokanee or attaching to trout trolling lures !

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