Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition Issue 3902 Jan 3-17 - Page 16

14 FRESHWATER Jan 3-17, 2020 VOL.39 • ISS. 2 Catch & Release Fishing! Hook More & Bigger Fish With Flies... Sponsored by Kiene’s Fly Shop 916-483-1222 • 9550 Micron Ave. Suite B • Sacramento, CA Streamers: The Key For Trophy Trout On Fly Gear! By Kory Van We all know trout of all sorts and sizes will eat flies and bugs of all varieties, and you can catch some big fish during the big hatches of Salmonflies or Green Drakes. Everyone loves a good day of fishing their best trout streamers. Some of the fish you can drum up fishing your standby trout streamers such as Woolly Buggers, Grey Ghosts, and Zoo Cougars can hook some of the biggest fish you catch all season. There is no doubt that trout streamers in size #6, #8, and #10 will catch their fair share of fish, as well as big fish. These flies have earned a spot in everyone’s fly box. And come this time of year, we get our best chance to put down the #10 Black Ghost that will tempt even the biggest Trout in the river… However, when consistently targeting the biggest trout in a river, it is no mystery that big trout like big flies. In partic- ular, big trout (especially Browns) specifically seek out and target larger meals. The most consistent large meals in any water are Baitfish/ Leeches/Crayfish, etc. Fall and winter is a top time for streamer FRESHWATER REPORTS: CONTINUED FROM PG 7 CAMANCHE LAKE cont. have not been as aggressive as in the past few weeks with the cooler water. We are getting a number of grabs on the grubs but getting them to stick has bene a challenge. After 10:00 a.m., we have been switching over to Speedy Shiners coated with Smelly Jelly, and the trout have been committing to the spoons. The trout are holding from the surface to 8 feet, and the planer boards have been outproducing my two inside rods. This is the best time for trophy trout during the months of December through March, and I will be focusing on the lake until Pardee opens in February 2020.” The bass bite has been slow overall with the colder water temperatures, and the recent turkey shoot results were indicative of the bite. There was a 7.18 largemouth bass taken on a swimbait, but the best action remains on the bottom at depths from 35 to 50 feet over the island tops with jigs in green pumpkin on a lighter ½-ounce football head. - Dave Hurley CLEAR LAKE Bass and Catfish Are Hitting WINTERS – Anglers are experiencing top- notch black bass and catfish action on Clear Lake now. “What a great day on Clear Lake with my brothers Angelo and Jeff!,” said Vince Borges of Vince Borges Outdoors. “We had an amazing catfish bite! - 3 for 45-50lbs!! And an amazing bass bite, the best 5 went 25lbs or more.” “The weather Fernando landed this pair of husky trout while tossing a Kastmaster man was wrong as at Lake Amador this November. usual, said no rain, Photo courtesy of THE LAKE AMADOR CAFÉ, Lake Amador. fishing. Unless targeting a specific fish, try to cover as much water as possible using these large streamer flies. Most of your takes will be reactive strikes that will happen on the first cast or two. In general, you are better off covering more water and thus more fish, by continu- ally moving while using these large fly fishing streamers. Cover water and be methodical, and this coming fall and winter you will have one of your best chances all season to bring your trophy fish to the net. 3-6mph winds. It ended up blowing 15-30 with some serious down pours. Hoping tomorrow’s weather is correct, and the bite is just as good for myself and Don Burke,” he concluded. crappie or redear sunfish caught over the past couple of weeks. The lake level is 29 feet from full and the surface water temperature is 55 degrees. - Dan Bacher DAVIS LAKE COLLINS LAKE Storms Keep Trout Anglers off The Water Holiday Season Anglers Bag Big, Bad ‘Bows PORTOLA – Before the latest storms, OREGON HOUSE – Fishing pressure anglers trudging through the snow were has been light lately on Collins Lake, but catching rainbow trout at Davis Lake, but the few anglers getting out lately have nobody has reporting going out fishing been catching some quality rainbow trout. over the past few weeks. Just ask Jamie and Dereck Finley of Marysville, who bagged three rainbows CONTINUED ON PG 19 weighing 7-1/2, 7-1/2 and 5-1/2 pounds while soaking green and yellow PowerBait from shore near the dam. Or ask Sid Cates of rs Lincoln, who caught ime ! T t s s an 8-1/2 lb. trout while 1 ro To P fishing from shore. D AY OR N IGHT G UIDED T RIPS Michael Hopkins L EARN S HALLOW T O D EEP W ATER T ECHNIQUES also demonstrated his angling prowess by catching an 7-1/4 lb. Boats rainbow while soaking 2319 Guide & Instruction Service 3019 Power Bait, according Northern California Lakes ( 530 ) 674–0276 to Sara at the Collins Licensed & Bonded www.thefi Lake Resort. The fall trout plants are done, but the lake Trout • Mackinaw management will begin their Kokanee • Salmon spring rainbow Bright, Durable, Unique trout plants prior to the Presidents See us Day weekend in February. at the She hasn’t heard Sacramento Glass Lures Handmade In Northern California of any black bass, ISE Show channel catfish, Trophy Black Bass LARRY HEMPHILL w llo a h S G laSS l ur eS 3810 (530) 386-8064