Fish Sniffer Magazine Volume 41 Issue 16 | Page 6

6 September 30 , 2022 VOL . 41 • ISS . 16

Fall Striper Journal

Your Local Source for DELTA STRIPER TACKLE !!! Striper Trolling and Baitfishing Rods , Reels and Tackle

Willfish Tackle in Auburn has Everything You Need for Stripers !

Willfish Tackle in Auburn isn ’ t a big box store , but it has everything you need for catching fish from the saltwater to the Sierra , in lakes , streams , rivers and the Delta . Owner Craig Newton is an ardent fisherman , and one of his favorite pastimes is chasing stripers in the Delta . He specializes in having all the right gear for the particular area and fishery that folks are looking for . Fall is finally here , and fall striper fishing is about to take off ! For stripers , Willfish has trolling and casting rods and reels from Lamiglas , Daiwa , Shakespeare , Shimano , Okuma and many more . Check out the Okuma Coldwater and new Convector and Daiwa Lexa line counter reels . They have a good selection of sizes and colors of popular striper lures like Yozuri Deep and Shallow Divers , P Line Predator and Angry Eye , Rebels , Rattltraps and others . And don ’ t forget your trailer worms for plugs from Z Man and Zoom . They have a large selection of both monofilament and braided fishing line , and all at prices below the “ big box ” stores . And you can find exactly what you need in Striper baits – Sardines , Anchovies , Shad and more . Willfish is located at 11954 Masters Court , Auburn , Ca . For more information call Craig at ( 530 ) 887-0839 .

Want Top Performance ? Reach for a Phenix Black Diamond Rod !

Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rods are high tech fishing rods ! The Black

Diamond blank is Phenix ’ s most popular for a reason . Anglers love it because It is lightweight yet extremely powerful . Modern fishing rods are meant to work with you and not against you , and that is exactly what the Black Diamond does . By cutting weight and delivering increased power , while paired with top of the line components , a Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rod puts more pressure on the fish without tiring you out because of the weight of your gear . If you are looking for a great inshore / nearshore rod for fighting strong saltwater fish , a Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rod is a great option . Add one to your arsenal today ! Phenix Black Diamond Casting Rods are dark gray and black . Models are technique specific and have different guides , reel seat and grips . West Coast anglers love them and so will you ! For more visit Phenix online at www . phenixrods . com .
• Lamiglas Mark Wilson
• Daiwa
• Shakespeare
• Shimano Tekota
• Daiwa Lexa
• Okuma Coldwater
• Yo-Zuri Deep and Shallow Divers
• P-Line Predator and Angry Eye
• Rebel Jointed Deep Diver
• Ratt-l-trap 3 / 4 and 1 once
Trailer Worms - Zoom and Zman
Frozen Bait : Sardines , Anchovies , Shad

( 530 ) 887- 0839

11954 Masters Court , Auburn CA Willfishtackle . com