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Check Health Advisories Before Eating Your Catch
VOL . 43 • ISS . 7 June 7 , 2024

Not All Fish Are Healthy to Eat

By the Clean Water Program , Alameda County , California
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Check Health Advisories Before Eating Your Catch

Our program wishes you all the best this fishing season , it promises to be a good one ! Across California , and in Alameda County — where our

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The content of this publication are for the general information , convenience and entertainment of the reader . Neither Fish Sniffer nor any of its principals , staff or incidental damages , or inconvenience incurred or experienced , related to these contents , and do not warrant their accuracy or reliability . program monitors local waterways for pollutants of concern — you ’ ll find many excellent places to cast a line , from lakes and reservoirs to piers and spots along San Francisco Bay . If you plan to eat your catch , please read this email and share this information with your friends and family . Fish is an important part of a healthy diet , providing a lean source of protein , vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids — known to lower the risk of heart disease . However , not all fish are safe to eat , as some contain elevated levels of contaminants such as mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCBs ). Mercury pollution can come from industrial sources , but also everyday household products like CFL bulbs , thermometers , thermostats and some electronics . It ’ s important that these products be taken to a local household hazardous waste facility for safe disposal , and never thrown in the trash , on the ground or in a sink . If you ’ re planning to eat your catch , or if you know someone who is , be sure to check the fish advisories issued regularly by California ’ s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment ( OEHHA ). They are in effect in many parts of the state . For example , in San Francisco Bay , it not recommended for anyone to eat surfperches . Women under 46 and children should not eat Striped Bass , while men can consume up to two servings per week . California Halibut is limited to 1 serving per week for women and children , and two servings per week for men . The chemicals found in the fish can harm the brain and nervous system , especially in unborn babies , infants and children . The specific recommendations vary by fishing location . Protect yourself , your family and


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If you ’ re planning to eat your catch , or if you know someone who is , be sure to check the fish advisories issued regularly by California ’ s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment ( OEHHA ).
friends and limit your fish consumption to the recommended types and amounts of fish . Visit the website and search the map for your location : https :// oehha . ca . gov / fish / ca-fishmap How did mercury and PCBs get into the water in the first place ? Much of
alameda county it has come from “ runoff ” pollution . Runoff pollution happens when rain washes over concrete roads , sidewalks , parking lots , roofs and driveways — and into our storm drain system . Storm drains flow directly to creeks , wetlands , bays and the ocean — depending on where you live . This water is not treated before it enters the environment . Learn more about how you can help protect our waterways from additional pollution at www . cleanwaterprogram . org . Watch Fred & Izzy talk about fishing on YouTube !

Planning to cook your catch ?

Not all fish are safe to eat .

Protect yourself , your children and family from ingesting unhealthy levels of mercury and PCBs .

Check local health advisories https :// oehha . ca . gov / fish / ca-fishmap

Learn more about stormwater pollution prevention at :
cleanwaterprogram . org / fishing